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The tourism industry is made up of many businesses offering all sorts of things from experiences, to beds and to services that support the visitor economy.

Being a member of  Hawke’s Bay Tourism helps to grow the total pie – so all of us benefit from a strong tourism industry.

Become a member of Hawke's Bay Tourism

Your financial contribution goes towards ensuring we have the funds to promote the region via advertising and public relations opportunities and to developing the best possible digital platform to showcase what we have.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you simply need to become a member of the Hawke’s Bay Tourism Industry Association (HBTIA), and then create your very own website listing.

Need help or want to chat?

The enrolment process is nice and easy, but if you have any issues, please email our Membership Coordinator, and someone from the Hawke's Bay Tourism team will get back to you within one business day.

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There are just 3 simple steps to become a HBTIA member to get your web listing up and running:

  1. Complete the form in the link below with your details.
  2. Our Membership Coordinator will get back in touch with you to create your membership account.
  3. Once you have your membership account, create your weblisting on - remember our Membership Coordinator is always on hand assist you with this.
Become a member of Hawke's Bay Tourism

Register now!

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